Maritime Transport : 85% of Global Trade Volume

Despite being the most international of industries, it's also fraught with danger.

At Global SeaGuard, we firmly believe that enhancing safety at sea necessitates the development and adherence to international regulations by all maritime nations.

We assist both governments and corporations in implementing these international standards, minimizing a myriad of risks such as accidental damage, poor maintenance, collision, cyber-threats, pollution, corruption, financial loss, and even human casualties.

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A world of Risks

Accidental damage, moor maintenance, total loss / added value, collision, cyber-risk, pollution, corruption, financial loss, and even human losses...

Amidst the vast and ever-present risks that the maritime world presents to ships and ports, Global SeaGuard is your steadfast ally, dedicated to effectively managing and mitigating these challenges

Safety, Security, Audit and Training

SERVICES: A full range of inspections, checks, audits and training throughout France and internationally.

THE TEAM: experts, decades of experience.

WHERE ? Our teams are strategically located in key ports to offer our best services.

Safeguarding your interests

We specialize in providing expert inspections and consultations for the import/export goods market, covering a diverse range of products, from agricultural items and fertilizers to scrap metals, steel, and petroleum products. Our proficiency extends to all technical inspections on ships, ensuring a comprehensive service.

We excel in securing ports and their activities, offering auditing and support services to enhance safety measures. Our flexible approach ensures a swift, real-time response to your needs, eliminating unnecessary delays in decision-making processes.

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  • Audit

  • Trainings

  • Cargo Inspection Quality / Quantity Control

  • Control of export/import goods

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  • Guillaume LOISON

    Maritime Expert

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    International Business Development

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