Container Division

Global Marine offers you the following optimized services:

  1. Harbor Master System Docking Creation: We efficiently manage and create docking schedules in the harbor master system prior to your ships' arrivals.

  2. Crew List Declarations: Our team handles the declaration of crew lists in the harbor master system, ensuring all necessary information is accurately and promptly reported.

  3. Slops/Sludges Declarations: We take care of declaring slops and sludges in the TMD Harbor Master system, adhering to all environmental and safety regulations.

  4. Off-Hours Verification of the Last Baed/Bas Containers: Our dedicated staff checks the last Baed/Bas containers in the AP+/S-one systems outside of regular working hours. We confirm the loading before the arrival of the ships and liaise with the handling companies.

Global Marine is committed to providing you with efficient, reliable, and comprehensive maritime services, helping your business navigate smoothly and securely.

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