Top 3 places to go Yachting

Top 3 places to go Yachting

It’s the holiday, and you are looking for where to visit and things to do. Of course, it is expected that you want to go out of your comfort. As promoters of travel and lifestyle, we are usually curious to know what people love to do. Interestingly, we see that many people love to go yachting.

We would not say that there are exclusive places to go yachting as we are sure that you can find a place in whatever region you are in. However, some areas make the yachting experience fun and exquisite.

Today, we would highlight three places that stand out as the best or top three places to go yachting. You are sure to make memories and get the best out of your yachting experience at these places.

It could be that you have been to these places before as some of them are top tourist locations. But other places could be ones you could be hearing for the first time on the tourist list. However, you can now add it to those places you wish to visit.

Some people say that it is always best to go yachting in a group. We would not say that this school of thought is wrong. However, you can still enjoy yachting even if you are alone.

Suppose you are on a trip alone without your friends, you can use yachting as an opportunity to make new friends. The possibilities are endless when it concerns yachting.

So, in no particular order, here are the top 3 places to go yachting:

· Greek Islands

· Bermuda

· The Caribbeans


Now, it should not be surprising that the top places to go yachting would be islands. Without a doubt, you can only go yachting in areas where there are water bodies.

Here are some fun facts about the top 3 places we have highlighted:

Greek Islands


There are over 6000 islands in Greece. Thus, you have an array of places to visit. Although less than 1000 of them are inhabited, you can still appreciate the beauty of these places and have fun while yachting.

Interestingly, you can also engage in other activities like hiking in the Greek Islands. After all, 80% of the region is made up of mountains. This makes it a complete holiday location.

The fact that Greece is one of the sunniest places globally is another reason why people do not hesitate to go yachting on Greek Islands.





We've all heard of the fanstastic legends around the Bermuda Triangle, and this scary area... bud did you know that Bermuda has a history of pirates ? Thus, you need to be careful during yachting or if you own a yacht. If you are visiting Bermuda during the winter, you need to pack adequately as it can be very chilly. However, the locals are friendly, so you will not face any hostility.


The Caribbeans

There are only two regions in the Caribbeans; it is either dry or wet. One of the tourist attractions in this region is its boiling lake. Little wonder why the Caribbeans is a top tourist location.

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean.


If you want to go yachting, you now know the top places to visit, and we will help you organize your next trip