The Many Ways Your Health Can Benefit From Yacht Holidays

The Many Ways Your Health Can Benefit From Yacht Holidays

There are many different options for holidays out there, but you might not have realised the positive implications there can be for your health if you choose Global Yacht in particular. Swapping a largely land-based venture for a sea journey can make a surprisingly big difference.


Exposure to outdoor elements

While walking through a busy city may be something you’re more accustomed to doing on holiday than manning a yacht, the former may leave you lacking vitamin D - a nutrient that can do your teeth, bones and muscles a lot of good. You are less likely to have this problem when exposed to abundant sunshine during yacht travels. Furthermore, if you have cuts or bruises, you will have the opportunity to dip them in salt water, the healing properties of which could assist in cleansing those problem areas.

More nutritious diets

You may be pleasantly surprised by how much healthy food there is at close hand during your yacht holidays. Your journey could take you to many coastal areas where seafood is often served. You shouldn't underestimate how beneficial the omega-3 and fatty acids in fish can be for the brain and body.

Don't fret if seafood doesn't meet your culinary tastes, as harbour towns often have stalls where fruits and vegetables are also on display.

You can escape from nuisance technology

While you may love your smartphone, the constant beeping and notifications could too easily irritate you when you are on holiday and want to keep a large distance - both literally and spiritually - from home life. Yacht holidays provide the ideal opportunity to put consumer electronics to one side.

When you are on a yacht, you could find yourself limited in your access to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connections. This could lead you to remove your attention from your phone, turning your focus to your surroundings instead. Given the beautiful scenery that you can enjoy seeing on one of the chartered yachts we offer for travel in Greek waters, you could grow to much appreciate this situation.

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